Saturday, November 3, 2007

Update of the University Fleet

Marty Paulins at Parking Services sent 2 files, one with odometer readings and license plates, the other with make, model, year the vehicle was purchased by OU, cost, etc and license plate information. My idea was to cross reference the license plate information, calculate the average MPG of the vehicles, divide by vehicles and get a number for the calculator. I'm not sure why I thought it would be this easy, but regardless I was wrong. When I cross referenced the plate numbers, some cars from both sides are missing. I asked Marty about this and here is his response:

They were sold - as they age or departments decide to get rid of them -
they are transferred over to moving & storage services and sold at public

On the other email - LTD = Life to Date

On the other question - a department could purchase a vehicle in 1999 on
their own - the only thing we would do is do the yearly insurance and tag
requirments - Transportation Services would not see that vehicle again
because we are not a centralized fleet - the departments do not have to
bring their vehicles to our garage for maintenance (once again because we
are not a centralized fleet) - what probably happened in 2004 is they did
bring it to our garage for some reason, and then it would go into our
maintenance software - at that time the miles, etc would be entered into
our maintenance software.

I think the last one was term years - that should only pertain to leased
vehicles - number of years the vehicle was under lease.

Let me know if you need anything else - thanks - marty

In a nut shell, this means I have no way of knowing when cars were bought or sold without going through massive amounts of paper data. It also means that i have no way of even knowing if the information Marty gave me will provide accurate numbers. I am going to go through the data again to see if I can make any logical conclusions about miles traveled by the University Fleet per year.

See you all on Monday,

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