Thursday, August 9, 2007

Square footage assessment

Ron and I met today and went over all of the discrepancies between the information provided by Ron and the information provided by the Office of Institutional Research. We believe that some of the discrepancies may be accounted for by transcription errors, and others are because the Office of Institutional research did not seem to update their informaiton after buildings were renovated. However, we were not able to come up with an explanation for the differences in the data for the Ridges. Ron will converse with Diane Mack (?) and try to clear up why the information does not match.

Good Luck, team!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

GHG Meeting Today

Hey guys, Laura and I have to work today and we won't be able to make the meeting. Amanda's updates: I have just started gathering student enrollment data from the Office of Institutional Research. I have also sent an email to Jennifer asking how we should incorporate data from OU's airport and flight program. I have also made contacts with the main people at the airport whom I'll be getting the information. Laura still needs to talk to Ron about discrepencies in square footage and plans on talking to Ron sometime on Thursday (tomorrow). Hope everyone else is doing well.

Amanda and Laura

Fall OU-GHG Seminar = Thurs 6-8pm, course # TBA

Hello from the Ecological Society of America's Annual National Meeting in San Jose CA!

I have been working with Dr. Michele Morrone (the director of Environmental Studies) to make a fall 2-credit seminar come together on the topic of OU's GHG inventory. I hope you guys can attend/enroll? Either way, there will be close coordination between the GHG Team, EEC, and the student experience in this seminar.

I have requested the course time to be Thurs evenings, 6-8pm. Here's the course blurb:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

ES XXX: Ohio University's Greenhouse Gas Footprint: Theory and Applications.
Instructor: Dr Kim J. Brown, OU-PBIO Asst. Prof. (

In the context of both voluntary guidelines as well as state-level mandates, Ohio University is in the process of evaluating its energy and greenhouse gas footprint. This is an applied process that includes aspects of engineering, accounting, economics, and biology. Students enrolled in this seminar will gain marketable, hands-on experience in the analysis of the policy and applications of helping a huge institution like OU quantify their carbon footprint. OU needs YOU!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I have found the appropriate people to talk to at Ohio U's airport but I am having trouble finding the correct area of the spreadsheet to enter airport transportation data. I have emailed Jennifer about this and am waiting to hear back.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


Today I visited the archives at Alden Library. I was quite optimistic thinking that I would find the information I wanted with minimal effort. This was not the case as I did obtain budget information, but it was budget data from 1960-1972. I know that April Henderson probably has what we need with minimal work, but I wanted to try the library to see if I could get the information on my own. I will check back with Ron once he gets back from vacation to see if he has heard anything back from April.

Square Footage Problems

I have finished comparing the data for square footage, and I have found many errors. Several discrepancies are only a few square feet off, most are 1,000-9,000 square feet, and some are tens of thousands of feet off. I must meet with Ron next week when he comes back from vacation because it seems like some of the numbers may just be old numbers that were not updated either by Facilities or the Office of Institutional Research. I found roughly 40 errors. One difficulty in checking the information was in the lack of consistency of the names of buildings. On one set of information, for example, the name of the building that I work in is called "Facilities Shops 2", on another set of information it is called "Facilities Shops 2 - Old Storeroom" and on another it is called "Factory St, Stores." There are many examples of this type of inconsistency.

Square Footage Assigned

I (Laura) was assigned the project of checking all of the square footage figures for inputting into the CACP v.4 calculator on July 18th. The assignment was to check the information in use by Facilities for all of the General buildings, Dorm buildings, the Ridges, and Auxillary buildings against the information provided by the Office of Institutional Research.