Thursday, August 2, 2007

Square Footage Problems

I have finished comparing the data for square footage, and I have found many errors. Several discrepancies are only a few square feet off, most are 1,000-9,000 square feet, and some are tens of thousands of feet off. I must meet with Ron next week when he comes back from vacation because it seems like some of the numbers may just be old numbers that were not updated either by Facilities or the Office of Institutional Research. I found roughly 40 errors. One difficulty in checking the information was in the lack of consistency of the names of buildings. On one set of information, for example, the name of the building that I work in is called "Facilities Shops 2", on another set of information it is called "Facilities Shops 2 - Old Storeroom" and on another it is called "Factory St, Stores." There are many examples of this type of inconsistency.

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