Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wiki notes

I was poking at the Wiki page today and I found a few features.

If you DON'T want to get notifications every time I change the font on my page:
Log in and go to the Settings link at the top.
Find the link on the left that says Notifications.
Take your name off the list.

There is a Files option with 10MB of storage. We could put the Carbon Calculator here where we can all access it, using 3-4MB of that storage. Any images or graphs we use on our pages are also going to come out of that 10MB, so we may need to keep an eye on the size of our files. Should we post the Calculator for just a day or two next week so we can all add our data to a common file? Maybe after the presentations so we can incorporate any suggestions? Or is it possible to post just the input sheet so we can past things into our own files? Thoughts?


Sarah Mann said...

Thanks for this heads up Gabe!

Is putting a link to the actual calculator an option, then cut and paste our parts of the calculator onto our Wiki pages in small *.jpg's.

Do we have an option of attaching the actual thing to the blogspot? or maybe even on OU's sustainability page?


Kim Brown said...

Gabe - can you upload the calculator to the Wiki and show the class these features on Monday? Thanks. --KJB

Sarah Mann said...

If we need the extra space, I think we do have an on-line URL that is given to us as OU students. I am not sure of the size of this domain.