Monday, October 22, 2007


I passed out the surveys to my cluster class and business fraternity. Overall looking at how much people would pay for green energy was quite interesting. I just browsed through as we are still working on compiling the data, but people where willing to spend up to $500 dollars in some cases. Although there was also a lot of people who didn't want to pay any money at all.

Also we are working on putting together some ideas for an educational program

I am also working on trying to figure out how long would be the pay back period to install solar panels to some degree on an existing building.

Late but not least I think it would be a great idea for us to do something in our presentation that would get the audience involved or at least get more of their attention then a normal presentation.

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Kim Brown said...

Hey Donny and Nicole -

re: your survey responses -
I would like to see your data graphed as a histogram - that is a chart of how many people responded in what way. Picture worth a thousand words and all that.

Will you and Nicole document on the Blog who the groups were you surveyed, how many surveys sent out, and how many people responded? Thanks. --KJB