Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Requesting Public Records

Today, my search for transportation records took me to Parking Services on the West Green. Instead of the usual raised eyebrows that I am growing accustomed to, the receptionist said someone from the class (a male with brown hair) was there earlier in the week and I should submit a request to Public Records at the Pilchner House for these records.

If you are that person, please post. I'm thinking that one submission is better than two.



Kim Brown said...

Hi Sarah -

Here is the URL where OU states its policy for public records request =

Since our GHG seminar, is in fact, preparing data FOR the Campus' benefit, I find it very odd that we are being asked to submit a formal public records request.

I can understand that personnel want to "go by the book" but then again OU is on a March deadline to complete the GHG inventory.

I will be having lunch on 23 Oct with President McDavis and Provost Krendl.

I intend to ask them for a letter of support that we might use to speed up the production of data to inform the Campus Carbon Calculator. --KJB

Matt Alden said...

Sarah, I only requested the commuter permits with the zip codes attached to them. If you were looking for something other than that at Parking Services, you should probably hit up the Pilcher House and submit another request. They're pretty nice folks.


Sarah Mann said...

How long do you anticipate the public record request taking?