Thursday, October 18, 2007

Population Data

I have accumulated all the data on full-time, part-time and summer school students thanks to Serena McCollum in Institutional Research and all the data on the faculty and staff thanks to Liz Bennett in Institutional Research. Student data for the years 1990 thru 1998 was available from notebooks stored in the Institutional Research office and data for the years 1998 thru 2007 from the Institutional Research website (Student Data tab//Student Enrollment/Degree Reports//Quarterly Enrollment Stats). I used the ATHENS(00) sections of the report as this is the main campus. Other data in the Athens reports include Continuing Education (10), Proctorville (33), Pickerington (34) and Hong Kong (99) . Serena assured me that Proctorville , Pickerington and Hong Kong students were on those campuses and not in Athens. My only concern was Continuing Education (10) - were those students physically on the Athens campus? Serena didn't believe that they were on campus and directed me to the Lifetime Learning group in Haning Hall. I spoke first with Karen Pidcock of Independent & Distance Learning. She explained that distance learning had been available in some form for the last 80 years. She was sure that anyone who took the Distance Learning was already counted in the (00) data. She directed me to Pam Brown, Director of Summer Sessions. Pam was sure that students in the (10) category were not physically on the campus. She believed that the numbers in the (00) category covered all the students on Athens campus. To check the theory would require that she go through all the call numbers and compare them with class rosters - a lot of work on her part that probably wouldn't result in different numbers. So, I deferred to the people with the experience and used (00) data.

As soon as the excel file is available on Blackboard, I will copy and paste the data.

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