Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Matt and I met last night and discussed the building energy use project. We talked about the progress that has already been made and difficulties we had encountered. Then, we tried to narrow down the steps we should take to complete the project. They were as follows:

1. Record all of the meters (electric, water, and natural gas) and the buildings they are tied to (separated by Green), along with the energy usage for each during the 2006/07 fiscal year.

2. Identify any holes in the data, or areas that may be confusing, such as meters that record electric use for several buildings, or buildings for which meter data cannot be found.

3. Tally energy use for all buildings and convert all units into BTUs. Where it is possible, this will be done on a building-by-building basis. In some cases, buildings may have to be grouped together.

We will continue to use the group spreadsheet on Google Docs to record our group's data.

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