Thursday, October 25, 2007

kill-a-watts worked well

I haven't got a chance to disseminate surveys at Baker due to my full schedule of classes, exams and papers. But I've sent the online survey link out to my grad classmates, so if they reply, Nicole should have got them.
At the same time, as Dr Brown suggested, I am doing a micro-examination on the four graphics labs I am supervising about the power use and student behavior. I used the kill-a-watts tonight to find out how much electricity a computer uses and found out it actually consumes almost the same amount of electicity with people using it or simply leaving it running. I have been documenting my lab student's behavior of using computers, so I believe I will be able to add something interesting in the report.
I have also made an appointment with Sonia to talk about a computer educational program her office is going to launch.
So, go go everyone!

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