Thursday, October 4, 2007


we should be hearing from the fertilizer guy by the end of this week (tomorrow). he'll have the numbers as far back as he can go, he'll also have the tonnage bought each year, the organic/synthetic ammounts, as well as the N-P-K ratios of it all. with that info i can figure just how much nitrogen has been dumped on the lawn in the last ten years. that should be cool, or maybe it'll be scary.

last week we got the most current version of the carbon calculator from ron chapman, it should be a big help with our project.

i just sent an e-mail to Diane Mack, she shold be able to finally provide us with accurate numbers for the building square footage. i'll post her reply, than maybe i'll finally bean active part of this blog.

everyone please remember the copy of the carbon calculator should be on the Bb site by the end of the night... as long as i can figure it out. please feel free to contact me if any one needs some help doing ANYthing.


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