Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fertilizer Paper Trail

i have spent quite a bit of time this morning calling everyone under the sun in an attempt to find purchasing records for the fertilizer used by the university. im doing this in the hopes this will provide supplimental information to my mission. ill be meeting with Pam Callahan on thrs to discuss how the greens have changed over the last 17 years and i thought if i had some kind of paper trail it might provide some concrete data on tonnage bought. i figured i could also use it to back check my calculations and estimates.

i spoke with Pam, she is going to help me work out acreage and how and when things like the golf course have changed. this will no doubt involve some GIS work on my behalf, and with the info Gabe gave me last week it should work out. i spoke with Jullie Allison and she informed me how the grounds staff purchases their fertilizer. wether or not they use purchasing orders or the university p-cards, and why there is a difference when they do. i spoke with Ralph Six, he's in charge of purching orders. purchasing order records are only kept for three years (shoot!) and he let me know there hasn't been any purchasing orders for fertilizers in the last 3 years. so that means all of the fertilizer has been purchased with a p-card latley. he also let me know i would need the name of the fertilizer companies used by the uiversity to check with the p-card department.

so...im waiting to hear from David Hamill about which companies we have used. once i know that i can call Shannon Bruce in the p-card dept and cross refernce the records.

so thats where i am right now.

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