Monday, October 22, 2007

Faculty / Commuter Permits...

This morning I was contacted by Teresa at Parking Services about my request for commuter and faculty parking permits. They have records from the previous three years only, because they are not required to keep them for more than three years. Furthermore, the only available records of the addresses to which the permits were issued are on individual sales receipts and not in any electronic form. I went down to the Parking Services office to go through the permits. However, there are roughly 3,000 commuter permits and 2,500-3,400 faculty permits for each year. This figure includes permits that are given as replacements for ones that are lost or stolen. I'm not entirely sure about where to go from here. I am considering going through a portion of the permits to get a sample of the data, but I'm not sure how many would represent an adequate sample.

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