Wednesday, September 26, 2007

GIS files

I got a promising email today:

We have a lot of the GIS layers for the campus. Let me know what you need and in which format and I can send it to you. You can call to discuss as well.


Dave Simon
Data and GIS Specialist
Voinovich School for Leadership and Public Affairs at Ohio University
The Ridges, Building 22
Athens, Ohio 45701

I emailed back this evening:

That's wonderful! We were hoping for shapefiles of the following: buildings, grassy areas, parking lots, athletic fields, golf course, streams & ponds, campus grounds boundary, and roads. We need files that include the outlying areas like HDL and West State Street. Polygon format is more helpful than line or point. That should keep us busy a good long while, but I'd love to chat with you or look at a list to see what else is available.

Thank you so much!!

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