Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Meeting with Ron-April Henderson

Today I had a meeting with Ron about the next steps involved in extracting the budget information. Our main contact woman about the budget numbers is April Henderson. Ron did get ahold of her today during our meeting, however, with final closing approaching, she may be too busy to extract the necessary data for our inventory. That being stated, a second option will be to research the budget question at the archives section in Alden Library on the fifth floor. If it is necessary for me to do this, then I will see what budget numbers are available to provide a broad brush stroke of the numbers required for the budget subsection. After discussing this, I asked Ron what should be my next step in this inventory as a means to focus my energy. I told him that I was interested in collecting data relating to agriculture and I will be looking into the issues regarding agriculture as soon as I close the data collection on the budget.

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Ron C said...

Jarrod - update on the budget info we requested - April has asked that Linda Shapiro provide the info we need. Linda is also doing FY07 close so will not be able to give the request any attention until next week at the earliest.