Thursday, July 26, 2007

Amy Found Her Notes!!

Ok, so what follows is my attempt at communicating my GHG data checking so far:

A few weeks ago I started fact checking the data Ron had already input into the CACP v.4 calculator. I worked on the On-Campus Cogeneration Plant and the stationary sources on campus sections. I found the following errors:

1.) Data for Natural Gas from the On-Campus Cogeneration Plant was only available for years 99-00 through 04-05. I used the Laushce Steam Production Costs chart that Ron gave me to verify this data. The first problem is that all data from this chart for natural gas was reported in units of MCF, but the v.4 calculator calls for naural gas to be reported in MMBtu. Data from the steam production chart for years 04-05, 02-03, and 00-01 matched the calculator data, though these numbers may need to be converted because they are apparently still in MCF. Data from the steam production chart for 03-04, 01-02, and 99-00 did not match the calculator data, however, and were reported as 236,855 MCF, 78,885 MCF, and 232,523 MCF, respectively on the steam production chart. Again, these are only the MCF values from the steam production charts, and those values in the calculator may be correct MMBtu values, but since I don't have MMBtu values or converstion factors, I'm providing this info for what it's worth. Regardless, at least half of the values for natural gas in the On-Campus Cogeneration Plant will need to be fixed because as of now they do not all reflect the values, converted to the correct units, that are available on the steam production charts.

2.) For the tons of coal used in the On-Campus Cogeneration Plant, I found only one error. For the years 99-00, the tons of coal burned was 20,844 instead of 18,988, according to the Lausche Steam Production Costs chart.

3.) I could only find steam output data for the On-Campus Cogeneration Plant beginning with 99-00 and ending with 04-05, though Ron has reported other data on the v.4 calculator (where did this other data come from? it will still need to be verified). For the steam output data that was available, it was reported in pounds on the steam production chart and then converted to MMBtu (which the v.4 calculator calls for) by dividing by 1,000. Assuming this is the correct way to convert data from LBS to MMBtu, this data from 1999 through 2005 for steam input from the On-Campus Cogeneration Plant is correct.

4.) I could only find natural gas data for stationary on-campus sources beginning with 1991 and continuing through 1999, though Ron had reported data for other years on the v.4 calculator (again, where did this come from and it will need verification). For the natural gas data that was available, it was reported as CCF on the "General Fund and Dorm Fund" sheet that came from Bruce M, Ron's predecessor. The v.4 calculator required the data to be in MMBtu, and the data was divided by 10 to make this conversion. Assuming this is the correct way to convert CCF to MMBtu, this data from 1991 through 1999 for natural gas from the on-campus stationary sources is correct.

Ok, so that was my best shot at converting my color-coded notes and scribbles into words. Hopefully it's clear enough for someone to pick up from- I will leave my original notes in the yellow folder in the Office of Sustainability along with all the data sheets Ron has given us. For any questions, I am available by email at

I'm not sure how much more I'll be working on the GHG inventory, as I will only be working in the Office of Sustainability for a few more weeks. At any rate, I'm working on a press release about the inventory and the new Presidents Climate Commitment website ( is now live- be sure to check it out and send me any comments. Thanks everyone!

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