Friday, June 22, 2007

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Ron C said...


MMBTU/mcf values for natural gas back to FY99-00 can be found in the Lausche Heating Plant.xls EXCEL spreadsheet at N:\Chapman\... under the "Gas BTU" tab.

For those years prior to the posted values we have available, we should use the Overall average value for MMBTU/mcf of 1.1413


Likewise, coal BTU values per pound can be found in the same file under the Coal BTU tab. For those years we have values, we will use actual annual average value of BTU/lb and convert this to MMBTU/ton.

For those years where we have no actual values recorded, we will use the overall average value of 12,375 BTU/LB.

To convert tons to MMBTU; 12,375 BTU/lb x 2,000 lbs/ton /1,000,000

e.g. 1,500 tons coal to MMBTU = (1,500 tons x 2,000 lbs/ton x 12,375 BTU lb) / 1,000,000 BTU/MMBTU = 37,125 MMBTU

or more easily - 12,375 x 2,000 = 24,750,000 BTU/ton = 24.750 MMBTU per ton

take tons x 24.750 for total MMBTU

e.g. 18,740 tons x 24.750 MMBTU/ton = 463,815 MMBTU