Thursday, June 28, 2007

Notes: Meeting, June 27 '07

Meeting Notes
June 27, 2007

In attendance:
Sonia Marcus
Amy Nordrum
Ron Chapman
Amanda Annis
Kim Brown
Laura Allen
Jarrod Pollard

  • The copy of the spreadsheet that we will all be inputting data into is stored on the N drive here at Facilities, within the 'Energy Issues' folder. In that folder, you will find the working copy, as well as a copy of the version 4 GHG calculator that Ron was working on last year with Christen Steele.
  • Ron will keep a master copy of our spreadsheet in his own locked drive. He will carry info over to the master copy from the working copy as it is verified.
  • Here is the color code we will use for data cells in our working copy: If the data is inputted and it has not been verified the cell will be red; if the data is inputted and Ron is working on verifying it the cell will be yellow; if the data has been verified and carried over to the master copy the cell will be green
  • When you log in to the computer, your user name is stored for comment authoring in Excel. So if you add a comment to a cell, that comment will be attributed to you
  • Here's how to add a comment to a cell: Right click on the cell, and then choose "insert comment". VERY IMPORTANT: Please add a date to your comment. This will not be done automatically by Excel! The default font size for comments is 8; Ron usually increases it to 10 for readability
  • If you would like to copy and paste a comment elsewhere, you can go to the first cell and choose 'copy' and then 'paste special' in the new cell, selecting comments only
  • Comments within the cells of our spreadsheets should deal with source documents. Other kinds of comments should go on the relevant section of our blog
  • If you need to update the data and the source document for a particular cell, add a comment saying that you are doing so. Do not delete the earlier comment with the original source listed!
  • We can use Ron's laptop here in the ORC so that more than one person can have access to our working copy at a time
  • Kim pointed out that some facts and figures regarding the university (e.g. enrollment statistics) can be misleading because regional campuses either are or are not included
  • A working definition for each data type can be entered in as a comment at the top cell of each column (e.g. for "Full-time students" we might enter a working definition in a comment which says "Students enrolled for 15 or more credit hours at the beginning of fall quarter")
  • If there is a green triangle showing up in the corner of a cell, that means that there is a formula in that cell the way Ron has this spreadsheet configured
  • If there is a red triangle showing up in the corner of a cell, that means that there is a comment on this cell
  • We need to keep copies (electronic) of all the documents we are sourcing the data from. We will keep these in the 'Energy Issues' folder on the N drive. Ron has some hard copy sources that we will need to scan in as PDFs.
  • The students will set up times to meet individually with Ron over the next 2 days to get assignments. Ron will be out all next week.
  • No group meeting next week. We will meet again on July 11th at 4pm sharp. Kim will be away.

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